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matd: primadonna sit idk?

i used to think i knew. now i'm not so sure.

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sum of my [current] obsessions
ezra miller: b&w stare
Britney Spears (my queen ofc):

The Wanted:


Barbara Palvin (but lez be honest she'll always be one of my obsession /creep):

Ezra Miller:

i hope this excites you

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this doesn't excite me

sis watch ur tone or else!!!


it xcited me until i noticed i wasnt on this list

the first 3 videos YASS

idk anything about the ezra guy tho

rip he's qt

but he's going thru an awk phase rn so i avoid recent pics of him

Questionable taste after the first two videos.

uhm what do you have against my queen and kings

ok @ that flop in ur icon

And hew is in your icon then.

he's a ver successful actor from di critically acclaimed movie we need to talk about kevin. u can try harder tho

gr8 post, but it is missing a couple of things

yes i'll meet u there lmzo

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